Guided Walks

Take a tour 'on foot' with one of our experienced guides in a fenced-off area

Guided Walks, with a duration of roughly ninety minutes are conducted seven days a week strictly on a pre-booked basis only. The Walk incorporates wild life, habitat, water fowl park and more for that special outing . Group sizes are between 4 and 12 persons above the age of 12.

The Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve will commence with guided walks in a fenced-off area of the Reserve, during which you may expect to see several different species of antelope, and other wildlife, plants and birdlife. The +-90 minute leisurely, informative gentle stroll will also educate you through experienced guides of bird calls, trails, insects, plants, history etc. with everything taking on more significance and giving you a much deeper understanding of your environment.

Apart from being good for the soul, a guided walk is more eco-friendly, reduces your impact on the local environment, and help you to burn off a few extra calories.

The guided walks take place on a pre-booked and upfront payment basis, at 7h00 and 15h30 every day of the year, excluding the Mondays on which the Reserve is closed. Remember to report to the Neck & Deck Café at the Reserve’s Entrance Gate, at least 15 minutes before the walk commences at the above times for briefing purposes.

Although walks will take place irrespective of weather conditions, you are reminded to take a warm jacket, a hat and sunblock, long pants, comfortable walking shoes and, of course a camera and binoculars. Each person will be issued with one 500ml Still Water before commencing the Walk. Due to possible unforeseen circumstances, you will be requested to sign an indemnity form prior to the walk, which will absolve the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, its owner, and/or all employees, management and staff of the Reserve from any damage, accidents, injuries, costs or expenditure of whatever nature to the person, his animal(s) or his property arising from whatever activities the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve may offer.

How are Guided Walks different from Game Drives?

“When we walk, we naturally go to the fields and woods: What would become of us, if we walked only in a garden or a mall?” wrote Henry David Thoreau in The Atlantic in 1862. Thoreau extolled (and extolled and extolled—the piece was more than 12,000 words long) the virtues of walking in untamed environments. In the decades since, psychologists have proved him right. Exposure to nature has been shown repeatedly to reduce stress and boost well-being.For this reason, the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve will be offering guided nature walks from Tuesday, 3rd of November, 2015, for guests who would like to experience the magnificent scenery of the Cradle of Humankind, up close and personal. The bush takes on a different aspect when you’re on foot and our knowledgeable guides focus on the small things often overlooked – nocturnal animal tracks, plant species and smaller wildlife. Bird watching is also best experienced on a nature walk, where close encounters with a variety of bird species are possible. During the walk you will be led through a diversity of vegetation types, which create a habitat for all kinds of unique animals and plants, which are best observed from close quarters. A minimum of 4 people, and a maximum of 12 people are allowed on the guided walk so as to keep the noise to a minimum, and draw the least amount of attention to the group. Children younger than 12 are unfortunately not allowed on the nature walks, since dangerous game could be encountered during the walk.

If you go on a bush walking or wildlife trail, you get to experience wildlife first hand. You’ll learn about the ecology, the birds, the game, the plants and insects, and also how to interpret the signs of the wild, including animal spoor. If and when you come face-to-face with that Lechwe, or watch that dung beetle laboring with his ball of dung, you’ll realize just how impressive and interconnected African wildlife really is. A guided walk is your opportunity to experience the wild in a way that most humans have not for hundreds of years. You’ll be accompanied by an experienced ranger. This is your chance to witness the real details of the bush, from the iconic antelope species right down to the insects that are such an important part of the ecosystem. You’ll also get a feel for the plant life and trees of the bush, their uses and natures. Nature walks provide a unique opportunity for nature lovers and adventure seekers to experience the amazing African wildlife up close. There are a number of reasons why nature walks are a fun alternative to a traditional game drive or self-drive safari:

  • These are gentle informative strolls, not forced marches or long tiring hikes. You don’t have to be mega fit, guides can tailor the pace and distance to suit their guests.
  • Walking in nature gives you the opportunity to experience Africa from the ground, in the safe hands of your experienced guide. You feel the bush rather than simply observe it. You’re in the animals’ domain, experiencing the world on their terms. It’s exciting! 
  • The small details that are overlooked on game drives become more apparent from the slower pace and lower angle of being on foot. Bird calls, tracks, insects, plants, geology; everything takes on more significance and you gain a much deeper understanding of your environment. 
  • Guided walks take you to places inaccessible to vehicles, enabling you to experience and interact with your surroundings in a more rounded way.
    Your knowledge of nature will also be boosted by the plethora of fascinating facts that can be imparted on a guided walk, bush survival skills, tracking, geology, and historical info, to mention but a few. Guided walks can be tailored to your special interests. Tell your guide if you’re a keen gardener, amateur photographer or wannabe Bear Grylls! 
  • Just as importantly, walks can also be lots of fun – playing detective to try and work out which creature might have made the tracks in the sand. An experienced guide brings all this to life and it’s really satisfying to see what you can work out for yourself. 
  • Spending some time walking instead of driving is also, of course, more eco-friendly and reduces your impact on the local environment as well as your carbon footprint. 
  • A guided walk is also a great way to burn off a few extra calories and make room for an extra slice of cake at afternoon tea. 
  • Last, but by no means least, guided walks are good for the soul! Reconnecting with the wild has been proven to be essential for human wellbeing. Special animals were specifically brought in for your education and entertainment, such as Hog Deer, Red Lechwe, Scimitar Horned Oryx etc.

RLNR guided walks will take place in a fenced-off wilderness area of the reserve, with several different species of antelope as well as indigenous plant – and birdlife to explore. Typically, before you set out, you’ll be briefed on how to behave when encountering animals in the wild. Your guides are experts who know how to handle the situation you are in. The best tip is to listen carefully to what they say and to follow their directions quickly and thoroughly. The walk culminates with a visit to the waterfowl park, containing 7 different types of swans and many other waterfowl and ducks, and which affords the opportunity of a rest before visiting the Neck & Deck Café with some more treats of its own!

Pre-book at least 48hours before the walk, for: morning (7h00am) – and afternoon (15h00pm) guided walks (booking, and upfront payment essential) for up to 12 guests, but not less than 4 guests, whom will depart from the Neck & Deck Restaurant. The 90 minute walk itself is relaxed and our experienced guides use their knowledge of nature to explain fascinating facts about the Reserve and surrounds. Nature walks are an excellent opportunity for professional – or amateur wildlife photographers to hone their skills, and for nature-lovers in general to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so definitely bring your camera and binoculars along. You will also want to take a warm jacket along if the weather looks unpredictable. Remember to take a hat (and sunblock) to protect your face and wear long pants to protect your legs from thorny branches and biting insects and be sure to go in a pair of strong, comfortable walking shoes. We will provide you with 500ml of still water.

Guided Walk – Indemnity

Visitors of the Rhino & Lion Game Reserve declare the following:

  • I/he/she participate/s voluntarily in the activities presented by Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, Wondercave.
  • I accept that I/he/she make/s use of the facilities at my/his/her own risk and herby absolve all parties listed in above paragraph and/or his employees and in respect of any damage, accident, injuries, sickness, cost or expenditure of whatever nature to persons or property arising from these activities.
  • I further accept that I will be held personally responsible and liable in respect of any damage, accident, injuries, cost or expenditure of whatever nature to person, animals or property, arising from these activities. 
  • I, together with my heirs, executors and administrators hereby release the “Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve & Wondercave”, its owners, board members and any employee and representative or contractor against any and all liabilities and claims that could accrue to me or my heirs, executors and administrators due to illness, injury, death or loss of or damage to property arising out of my participation of the abovementioned activities, irrespective of whether such claim or claims arose as a result of any act or omission (whether by negligence or not) of any person or from any cause whatsoever. 
  • Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, Wondercave, its owners, board members and any employee and representative or contractor accepts no liability for death, injury, illness or loss of or damage to property arising out of my participation in the abovementioned activities whatsoever. 
  • I fully understand and accept the terms of conditions hereof and certify that the contents hereof has been communicated to me and any beneficiaries I may have. 
  • I hereby warrant that I am a major and do not require my guardians signature.