Birds of Prey (Animal Index)

Birds of Prey include species of Kites, Vultures and the Grass Owl

  • They lay one pure white egg. Both sexes incubate for a period of 53 days.
  • The nestling stays in the nest for 80 to 90 days.
  • They nest in trees laying 1 pure white egg with red blotches or plain.
  • Incubation is done by both sexes.
  • Wingspan over 9 ft. The nest is in trees and measures about 6 ft across. A single, white egg marked with reddish brown is laid.
  • The nestling remains in the nest for about 120 days.
  • Nest in trees where usually 3 to 4 white eggs capped at the thick end with brown streaks are laid.
  • The nestling period is 35 days.
  • They lay 2 to 3 white eggs with brown markings.
  • Both sexes incubate for a period of about 6 weeks.
  • The nestling period is also about 6 weeks.
  • Breeding between November to May. Nest is a flattened pad of grass at the end of grassy tunnel in dense tuft of grass.
  • Clutches of 3-5 eggs.
  • Incubation: About 32 days.