Big Game (Animal Index)

Big Game includes Rhinos, Buffalos, Bisons and Hippopotamus

  • Larger than black rhino with males weighing up to 2300kg.
  • They have two horns on the face with the front horn being longer.
  • The gestation period is 16 months after which a single calf weighing about 40kg is born.
  • All rhino horns on this reserve have been treated against ticks and parasites and are not fit for human consumption.
  • Weigh between 530 – 625 kg.
  • Males have larger heads, thicker necks and heavier horns than females. Eats 15 – 17,5 kg dry matter per day.
  • Gestation 330 – 346 days. A single calf is born at any time of the year.
  • These massive animals, characterized by their long, shaggy brown coats, have poor eyesight but acute hearing and an excellent sense of smell.
  • The females, or cows, lead family groups. Bulls remain solitary or in small groups for most of the year, but rejoin the group during mating season.
  • The gestation period is about 270 – 285 days with a single calf born.
  • Weigh an average of 1700 to 2000kg.
  • An adult can consume up to 130kg food a night.
  • The gestation period is 215 days. Their lifespan is 30 years
  • Weighs and average of 160-250 kgs.
  • The bulk of a pygmy hippo’s diet consists of ferns, broad-leaved plants and fruits.
  • Gestation period 6-7 months.
  • When they are newly born, they weigh about 5 to 6Kg’s and males weigh a little more.
  • Lifespan between 30 and 50 years.