What to do

Respect. Protect.


Guided Game

  • Feel the rush of adrenaline as you approachthe ultimate predator in our open game viewers under the watchful eye of our experienced guides.
  • Drives can be done to suite yourrequirements during day light hours or for the nocturnal lovers a night drive where the rush will keep you warm.
  • Excluded from the entrance fee.

Self Drive

  • The Reserve is a self-drive facility with regularly maintained dirt roads that can be handled by most passenger vehicles (although we wouldn’t recommend that you attempt a self-drive in your supercar).
  • Enjoy the reserve in the comfort of your own vehicle.
  • Certain roads are only accessible by 4×4 vehicles.
  • When heavy rains affect our roads, we’ll let visitors know – check our website to make sure.
  • Included in the entrance fee.

The Bothongo Wondercave

  • The Bothongo cave was discovered by Italian miners in 1898. They mined out approximately 15% from the formation and brought them to the surface.
  • This is the 3rd largest chamber is South Africa, the largest being Cango Caves and second largest Sudwala Caves.
  • The entrance to the cave is down a flight of stairs with 87 steps at a 45 degrees angle dropping 22 meters below the surface. From there an elevator takes visitors a further 18 meters into the cave.
  • Excluded from the entrance fee.


  • The Reserve features 3 restaurants at key locations: the Neck & Deck Cafe, the Boma Restaurant and the Thatch Cafe.
  • Variety of A La Carte menus’ ranging from Breakfasts, Steaks, Burgers, Fish, Waffles, Pizza’s Meat Baskets and more all at different restaurants.
  • Included in the entrance fee.
  • Visit our restaurants page for 

Braai & Picnic

  • The Day Visitors Centre / Kiosk is a protected and fenced in area for our visitors.
  • Excellent braai facilities available (grids can be rented at the Kiosk).
  • Take the hassle out of braaing by ordering one of our Braai Boxes.
  • Ablution facilities.
  • A Kiosk with snacks, drinks, food and wood.
  • A swimming pool to keep cool and a jungle gym for the kids.
  • Bring your own picnic basket and make use of our Picnic & Braai areas.
  • Included in the entrance fee.

Hippo Walkway

  • We invite our guests to experience the amazing Hippo Walkway located opposite the road from the Neck & Deck restaurant!
  • Just a short walk across the road, and you will encounter our hippos and other incredible species.

Lion, Wild Dog & Cheetah Feeding

13H00 @ Predator Camp
Wednesdays, weekends & Public Holidays

  • Self-drive visitors can view predator feeding. This is one of our most popular activities, and on weekends and public holidays, it is a good idea to secure your viewing spot well before feeding starts.

  • The brown & white prides of lions are housed separately and fed on alternative days according to a systematically measured schedule.

  • The endangered African wild dogs and the cheetahs are fed when the brown and white lions are fed.

  • Guided game drives including predator feeding can be booked at an additional fee.

  • Included in the entrance fee.

Lion & Predator Camp

  • Take a drive through the Predator Enclosure and search for the lions in the brown lion and white lion enclosures.
  • Visit our pack of endangered African wild dog and enjoy the sight of an animal that very few people get to see in the wild.
  • Included in the entrance fee.

Snake & Reptile Park

  • Close to the Wildlife Centre is the Snake & Reptile Park.
  • Enjoy the thrill of seeing anacondas, black mambas and cobras up close, as well as crocodiles and even a giant bullfrog.
  • Each species is listed with fascinating facts about its habitat, distribution and preferred prey.
  • Remember that all snakes would much rather get out of your way than confront you.
  • Included in the entrance fee.

Bothongo African Garden

  • The Bothongo African Garden features South African plants, small antelope and birds
  • The Garden features numerous different cycads, aloes, and other African plant life painstakingly placed in and amongst the dolomite rock formations that are indigenous to the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.
  • Included in the entrance fee.

Waterfowl Park

  • Discover various beautiful species of waterfowl from around the world in enclosures along a fresh water stream.
  • Take a gentle stroll along the walkway – some of our birds, such as the trumpeter swans, are very chatty and love to greet visitors!
  • The deck overlooking a small fresh water dam alive with birdlife can be accessed via the Chobe Café.
  • Included in the entrance fee.

Snake Shows

14H30 outside the monkey enclosure
Tuesday - Thursday, weekends & Public Holidays

  • Watch an educational snake show conducted by our resident snake handler Winnie Dlomo, who has featured on TV several times.
  • Learn why snakes are important for conservation and why it’s important to not to kill them.
  • Included in the entrance fee.

4x4 Self Drive Route

  • For 4×4 owners who want to do something more exciting than mount the pavement outside your favourite restaurant, we have a 4×4 route for you to test your skills.
  • Follow the demarcated routes and see parts of the reserve that are inaccessible to 2×4 vehicles (download a map of the reserve here).
  • Included in the entrance fee.

Hippo Pools

  • Enjoy the sight of Africa’s most dangerous mammal in its natural habitat.
  • Please note that the hippos are in a separate part of the reserve, opposite the entrance (view map).
  • To view them, visitors need to park inside the reserve and walk across the road to the hippos.
  • The walkway is fenced off and leads to platforms which offer excellent viewing of the hippos.
  • Included in the entrance fee.

Cradle Bike Park

  • A great experience for the whole family with a variety of tracks to suit all cyclist skills and abilities.
  • The bike park includes facilities for renting equipment on site to enjoy the different tracks.
  • Also available are ablution facilities, a kiosk for snacks and the Thatch cafe with professional baristas.
  • Excluded from the entrance fee.

Swimming Pool

  • The small splash pool is available for all to cool down and for the children to enjoy under adult supervision only.
  • A small section forming part of the pool can be used for toddlers under adult supervision only.
  • Order one of our Braai Boxes to enjoy while relaxing at the swimming pool. 
  • Included in the entrance fee.