State of the Roads

Visitors can expect well-maintained dirt roads throughout the Reserve

PLEASE NOTE: This is a self-drive facility

This is to inform all visitors that the roads in this Reserve are all gravel / dirt roads.

The Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve is a privately owned reserve and operates solely on gate fees and private loans. The roads are only one of the many functions the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve has to deal with in providing the educational value as presented.


These roads do deteriorate though constant use but mostly because of adverse weather conditions. The Reserve, however, needs all the rain it can possible have to maintain the health and well-being of all the animals in it. Management of the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve believe it to be in nature's interest to disturb as little as possible next to the roads. Therefore the roads are relatively narrow but can accommodate two passing vehicles in most places.

In order to assist management in the task of maintaining the roads an appeal is made to all visitors / public to please adhere to the rules concerning the roads and to assist in ensuring that all other visitors / public remain on the roads or to report offenses to the Main Gate, the office at the Kiosk or the Game Ranger on duty. A road that is not graded and has grass in the middle or covering the road is not suited for any vehicle other than a 4x4 vehicle. These roads have unfortunately been formed over time by visitors / public trying to get as close as possible to the animals. However, of far greater concern to management is that the animals' space is not invaded - something which we endeavour to ensure as far as possible. The World Heritage Status which tell Reserve enjoys monitors & prohibits the development of any more roads, as well as the upgrading of old roads as far as tarring and other resurfacing is concerned.The roads are repaired annually during the winter months and kept in good order as far as possible between rain showers.Management kindly asks of all road users to bear all these facts in mind whilst travelling through the reserve and to travel as slowly as possible not exceeding the speed limit as indicated.