Accommodation FAQ

Answers to the most commonly asked accommodation-related questions

Q: What times do we have to BOOK IN & OUT?
A: Our BOOK IN time is AFTER 14h00 until 20h00 and BOOK OUT times are before 10h00! We need to respect the idea that other visitors would also like to BOOK INTO the units and therefore afford us the opportunity to provide a clean and neat unit as we do all guests. 

Q: Can we arrive and leave the Reserve on normal operating hours on the days BOOKED?
A: YES you may enter and leave the Reserve on your BOOK IN & OUT days on the normal operating hours of the Reserve BUT you may only BOOK IN & OUT at 14h00 & 10h00 respectively. 

Q: What do we do with any food & beverage that needs to be kept cold / frozen before BOOK IN time?
A: You unfortunately have to provide enough cold storage space for your goods until the BOOK IN time! 

Q: Are any of the Activities and/or Facilities open on Mondays on which you are closed on?
A: Management has decided to have the whole Reserve rest on all Mondays except School & Public Holidays. We trust that you understand and respect this choice & decision. 

Q: Do we have to supply our own linen & bathroom towels?
A: NO the unit provides linen and four bathroom towels, you do however have to supply towels for additional guests as well as swimming pool towels for making use of the jacuzzi. 

Q: Can we sleep more than 6 persons per unit, toddlers and babies included?
A: NO the unit sleeps 4 persons and two additional mattresses / sleeper coach and linen can be supplied for children at an additional fee. The unit therefore can only sleep up to a maximum of 6 persons. The unit cannot cater for more than 6 persons at a time. 

Q: Does the accommodation include any food or beverages?
A: NO the visitor has to provide all food & beverages including salt & pepper, spices, coffee & tea, sugar & milk etc. 

Q: Are there any Restaurants open for dinner on the Reserve for after 17h00?
A: NO all Restaurants closes their kitchens at 16h00 except or weekends and Public Holidays on which the Neck & Deck Café’s kitchen closes at 18H00. 

Q: Are we allowed to leave / exit the Reserve after hours?
A: The Reserve does not allow travelling after hours as a rule but with arrangement you may leave and re-enter the Reserve after hours. You do have to keep a copy of your Booking Form with you at all times to be allowed re-entry. 

Q: Are we allowed to drive on the Reserve after dark and before sunrise?
A: NO you may only travel on the Reserve before sunset and after sunrise. All normal rules & regulations and Indemnities for the Reserve are applicable. 

Q: What do I do and who do I contact In Case of Emergency (ICE)?
A: Each unit has an information file which will be explained to you on BOOK IN time. This file contains an EMERGENCY number which can be used for all emergencies 24hrs including repairs and maintenance issues. 

Q: Does the Chalets have any electricity for charging phones or hairdryers etc.
A: NO the Chalets do not have any means of electricity available other than the 12V lights provided for effective lighting after hours.